When you think of yoga it’s easy to think Bali, they go hand in hand.

I only wish I had discovered yoga when I was younger as I’d be much more flexible now if I did. As you get older the aches and pains start, I am finding this such a relief! Not to mention the self-development and ridding the big ego I’ve been carrying. But then again I probably would have scoffed at the idea of yoga back then, as I thought a good workout was a punishing exercise routine or contact a sport. 

I must admit, it did take me six months to like it, as I couldn’t do half the poses and just found it very difficult, but now I do two classes a week and Pilates, I feel so much better and feel I am improving every week and definitely getting more flexible, I’ve lost so much of my ego and now actually breathe!!!  It’s become part of my life now and I love seeing 70+ year olds in the class, they are so inspiring.

Yoga Morning in Bali


We did yoga every second day on one of our tours last year as I have a fantastic yoga instructor, who comes to us where ever we stay and it’s pretty fab having our own private instructor. He was so well received and the women loved it so much we decided to offer this as a daily option on all of our tours in Bali. It’s totally up to the individual if you join in or not, it’s your holiday, you do whatever makes you happy. No pressure! There are classes everywhere we go to if you wanted a change.

Would you do yoga every second day?
What are your thoughts on adding yoga to your life? 

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