Everyone has their own tips for Bali, but as I’ve been travelling there for so many years and I have been on the tour countless times, I am sharing the best travel tips for Bali if you are touring with us!

  • Wear joggers and good walking shoes as paths are quite rough and you will need to watch for holes.
  • Purchase sunscreen from Australia as it is quite expensive in Bali eg: Banana Boat tube 250ml is around $19.00(aud).
  • Bring a Hat or Cap as it is easy to get sunburnt as we do lots of walking.
  • It is a very casual dress code in Bali, dress appropriately.
  • Wear cottons and light clothing in the summer months as it gets very humid in Bali. It’ll keep you cool.
  • Make sure you pack your swimmers for the beach, every property we stay at has a swimming pool.
  • Laundry is very cheap in Bali, so travel light. Hand wash underwear, it will dry overnight and you’ll be able to get laundry done easily. Leave more room in your bag for shopping. You won’t be sorry.
  • Watch your hand luggage, airlines can be very strict on the 7kg rule. You are allowed one 7kg bag and your handbag to take on board.
  • Toiletries – Make sure you don’t carry any liquids over 100ml in your hand luggage even if it’s a half empty bottle of 200mm liquid foundation, it’ll be confiscated. I know, as it happened to me.
  • Toilet Paper in Bali: Always carry small packet of tissues as toilet paper not always available . They use hoses to wash, much better for us anyway. Use tissue to dry. There is a sign in Bali that I like…”Don’t put anything into this toilet unless you have eaten it first!”
  • Mobile Phones – Turn your mobile data off before you leave your country as it is very expensive to use from Bali. We can arrange a local sim if required and most hotels and restaurants have free WiFi.
  • Keep well hydrated whilst in Bali. We carry bottled water and the villas supply a complimentary bottle each day. There are plenty of Coco and Circle K shops where you can pick up supplies, soft drinks and nibbles. Don’t clean your teeth from tap water or drink from any unknown source.
  • There’s a First Aid Kit on board at all times. Doctors and Hospitals are in reach everywhere we stay in Bali in case they are required for any reason. If you have health issues ensure you inform us on your booking form, please bring medication. If you have any medication that is not vitamins, ask your chemist to print a label for your tablets. Eg: when I carried Progesterone  Cream and Indoplex Vitamins, I always asked the pharmacist to put my name and label them for me so they are not confiscated.
  • You are allowed to bring one x 1litre bottle of spirits into Bali. Wine is quite expensive, for example a bottle of Hatten Aga White (local wine) is approx $18(aud) from a bottle shop and at a restaurant you will pay around $40(aud) which is expensive for Bali. Their local beer Bintang is quite cheap with the average bottle $2.50(aud) and at a restaurant you will pay around $3.30(aud). Cocktails range from $10(aud).
  • If you are travelling economy class be aware that there are no blankets provided, so make sure if you suffer the cold when travelling you bring a jacket or jumper.
  • Forget Travellers Cheques, you can bring your credit cards and get money at a decent rate, there are ATM’s everywhere and money can be changed at authorised money exchanges. we’ll advise you which ones!!!
  • Don’t worry about bringing Indonesian Rupiah (Bali local currency) with you as you won’t need it when you first arrive in Bali as we will take you to exchange when you arrive as the exchange rate in Bali much better than home. They are also at the airport in Bali if you are uncomfortable with not having the local currency.
  • I’d suggest you download Oanda Currency Converter App on your phone before leaving great tool for travelling anywhere in the world to get the current exchange rates.
  • If you have a favourite outfit, top, dress or anything you would like copied, take it with you. If you know your fabric and want to take it to have something made, Wendy can come to us, she carries cards with samples of fabric. Let me know if this is of interest so I can book an appointment for you. The more notice she has the better, especially if you are only doing the 7 day tour.

Our Recommendations Include:

  • Virgin Airlines
  • Alliance Travel Insurance
  • Oanda Currency Converter App
  • Citi Bank Access Card (no fees for overseas transactions so if you want to continue travelling, should investigate them further.)
  • Sunsense Sun Cream 50+
  • Buddha Clothing Company
  • Plaga Wines
  • Hatten Wines
Once you have booked I will come and personally introduce my self, so please write down any questions and if I don’t have the answer straight away I will do my best to find one for you.