Travel Insurance and Why it is So Important!

My friend recently travelled to Bali with me, this was her fourth trip to the beautiful island and she got sick on our second last day. Instantly we thought it was Bali belly because of the incredible stomach cramps and diarrhoea. We didn’t muck around (as I won’t if you are on my tour!!!) We called the Doctor immediately. She administered an injection which eased the cramps and slowed her trips to the toilet. We thought all was well until early hours next day when all the drugs had worn off, the diarrhoea started again.

As this now was the day of our departure, we all helped her to pack and let her stay in bed until the last possible minute, then helped her shower and dress. As soon as we arrived we got her a wheelchair, she looked like death. The staff took one look at her and called for a manager to assess if they were willing to take the risk on her flying, decision made, NO way would they let her fly and changed immediately booked a new flight the following evening pending a doctors certificate allowing her fit to travel. Naturally I stayed with her and let the rest of our group go without out us.

After I booked us in to a hotel in Legian, once again called the doctor. By this time her temperature was 39.5 degrees, so he gave her a drip and lots of medication and if she was better the next day would send through a certificate of clearance to fly. Her temperature immediately dropped and by the next day was getting better as each hour passed. Lucky our flight was later that evening and she finally looked human enough to not need a wheel chair and off we went.

In short the first doctors visit cost her $220.00 aud, second call out $640.00 plus accommodation and medication. If she hadn’t had travel insurance it would have cost $1,000.00 added to her holiday, which could make this a very expensive trip and not allowed for in her budget. Her doctor back home ran tests and discovered it was a pancreatic attack brought on by the detox she did at the yoga retreat she had been to then full on dairy, alcohol and oils she had when she met up with us seven days later. Too much of a change for her body to cope with, now imagine if she had an attack that required an emergency flight back home which happened to another friend of mine years ago, who had a very bad accident in the United States. If he hadn’t been insured, it would have cost him their house.

Travel Insurance a must when travelling with Safe Travel Tours, it’s just not worth the risk and as I said at the start of the blog, I will call a doctor or take you straight to hospital, I won’t try to diagnose you, I will always call in the professional.

Suz Slater