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First time flying for over thirty years, eating in a third world country, overcoming fear of heights with a photo shoot in a swing high above the ground on a very windy day, being totally herself by letting the inner child out and having lots of belly laughs.


I was both honoured and privileged to have helped in many firsts on this tour. Stepping into the unknown in a third world country is a huge step for a lot of people and to stay in the village as a minority was my favourite part of the trip.

Being able to connect with one’s inner self is an incredible experience. Bali does this though, it’s so grounding, being amongst people with very little but hopes and dreams like us and are so happy is very refreshing, so it gives you a chance to really be yourself, no pretence, just you. Once the inner child surfaced, we all had so many laughs, real belly laughs, Balinese laugh at silly things, have a wonderful sense of humour and love us laughing at ourselves too. We had a competition to see who could carry a basket on our head farthest (I think I won!!)…something so simple had us laughing with tears rolling down our faces. Our private cooking class, how would you think that would have been so much fun!! English and Indonesian lessons ended up being more like a game of charades, it was a scream.

A new coffee tasting place has opened up in Tegalallang with lots of photo opportunities and the first time that I had tasted Lewak coffee. It’s a great thing to do, a little touristy, but if you’ve never done it before, it’s lots of fun.

We also went to Bedugal temple which was amazing, on the way we noticed the beautiful aroma of farm fresh tomatoes which I haven’t smelt since my dad grew them years ago, so we stopped to take a closer look and at the fresh egg plants also growing close by, which I have never seen and that ended up being another belly laughing experience. I think the fact that I was just *so* relaxed and stress free for the first time in ages, was what helped bring out the child in me.

One of the highlights for everyone that does this tour, and are very privileged to be able to experience, is a visit to our local temple in Sangeh. We were shown how to cleanse ourselves while praying and then blessed by their Jero Mangku (Balinese priest) by placing rice on our forehead and splashing us with holly water. I’m not religious and she is a Roman Catholic, but this had the same impact on both of us. I got a spiritual feeling from this incredible experience, I don’t know what is. We are so lucky as it’s just down the road from our villa and is a huge highlight.

Well we had so many fabulous moments during this tour and it truly was a life changing experience for me, so I’ll be back doing another ‘Surthriver Tour” to celebrate my 60th birthday leaving 19th March 2019.

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