Kuta – Denpasar

I have a place I love visiting when I come to Bali when I want some ‘Secret Women’s Business’. It’s in Kuta, the doctor is well known to lots of Aussies, especially from Perth as it’s only a three-hour flight. I have been having Botox here for years, there’s lots of places in Denpasar, I’ve tried a few but I’ve found this place to be much better. He is Indonesian and has trained in Perth and goes back there regularly, to keep up with the latest equipment and procedures. I took my friend with me who had Botox and fillers, she loved it and can’t wait to go back!!!

My friends and I are about to try laser treatment and a couple of other procedures next time we are in Bali. I’ll let you know once we’ve decided what we’re all having done. I was quoted $1,000 per session in Australia for the same laser treatment and was told you need 6 x treatments at a total cost of $6,000. Here it is $150.00 per session. You do the maths, way cheaper and they are using the latest machines! ($900, thats a saving of $5,100!)

I’m looking at having Platelet Rich Plasma is about $1,200.00 at home and was quoted $328.00(AUD) in Bali. 

Depending on what you are having done, you may need to stay a few days extra. We keep our tours small, so if you need down time, we can arrange for you to stay a couple of days before or after your tour. I’ve usually had Botox before flying home on the way to the airport. You can’t lie down for several hours after it and no swimming, gym, heavy exercise or massages for 24 hours, so a flight works for me with this – plus there’s a ‘No facials for seven days’ rule so no way I’m having this done at the start of my trip!

Please feel free to comment. Do you have favourite places to go to, or are you looking to have some work done? 

Disclaimer: I’m not allowed to recommend places for legal reasons, but I can let you know of some great finds I have used and love. It’s up to you try them and Safe Travel Tours and its associates can not be held legally responsible for anything you choose to do based on our thoughts.