My name is Suz Slater and I’ve been travelling to Bali since I was in my 20’s. Some things have changed since I first landed and collecting my luggage from a tin shed.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the beautiful Balinese people and their culture. Bali is so different to the rest of Indonesia because of their religion, their way of thinking, and how they have embraced tourism. Over the many years of coming here, my passion for this island has grown.

After talking with so many people, the thing that has stood out is the number of women who are divorced, widowed or just have a husband with no desire to travel, who would love to come to Bali. But many are scared to travel alone, whether from stories in the media, the bad publicity received with the Bali bombing or just the fear of the unknown.

This is why I started Safe Travel Tours, specialising in escorted small women travel groups.

About my Team Leader / Tour Guides

My dream of sharing this amazing country with others is now a reality and this is how it started.

Ketut was a young, beautiful, 19 year old man who rode down to Sanur from his village two and a half hours away. He had never left his village before he got a job at the Wicket Parrot.

We called into the Wicked Parrot one evening for a few drinks and accidentally left our credit card behind. He finished work around midnight and rode around to all of the resorts looking for us and eventually found where we were staying. Of course, we were so grateful for his honesty and persistence, we called into the workplace to thank him. His manager spoke very highly of his honesty and intelligence.

Talking with Ketut, he began telling us of his life dream to go to university and make something of his life. After doing the maths, we worked out that even in twenty year’s time he still couldn’t save enough money to put himself through university. Yet for us, a mere $1,000 per year could be a great investment. So we decided to help him. All we asked is that he specialise in tourism in university. Not only has he become a family member, he also has passed every exam with A’s and has just completed his thesis, also achieving A’s.

Our paths were meant to cross. Not only has this partnership helped us, Ketut and his parents but it is also helping his sister, who will no doubt join our team when she finishes school.

Then we have Ayu, we met at a phone shop in Sanur. She was so helpful and had the biggest, most beautiful smile. We have known her for five years now. She has helped us out on many occasions and has also become a family member. We were honoured to meet her family and beautiful nieces and nephews.

Ayu had suffered a stroke at 24. Through perseverance, strong will, financial help from her village, the love and support from her family, along with her religious and cultural beliefs, she has grown into the beautiful woman she is today. I can’t wait for you to meet her.

As well, there is our driver Dec Ferry and our housekeeper and cook Mariani. (Ketut likes cooking too and can cook a nice breakfast).

Everyone has a story. For me, I love how real and down to earth they are. They are so much richer than us with their religion, culture and love for their family.

Please come with me and help them keep this special gift they have that we have lost. I LOVE BALI AND MY BEAUTIFUL BALINESE FAMILY. I’m sure you will leave my tour a different person than when you came.      

Come on your own, with friends, mother and daughters. We specialise in small fun groups for women.