It was such a pleasure to welcome another first timer to Bali, with this lovely lady Terri. I had a couple cancel due to medical and financial reasons (so happy they’ve already rebooked in 2019) So the tour went on as a Solo Adventure for Terri! She told me half way through that she was actually pleased to be an only traveler and it made the trip feel extra special for her. I don’t think anyone would realise the feeling you get when you can help change a persons direction or life’s journey with one of my tours. I love that we show a different side of Bali. One which shocks most people. We understand that Bali is still a third world country and we live in the best place, I think, and yet when you are in Bali and you embrace their culture, it gives you that special feeling in your heart, the innocence and respect they still have. We don’t just do culture, we mix it up, that’s what we’re all about, letting you experience a bit of Balinese culture by staying in our villa which is in the village of Carangsari and seems to be the highlight of my ten day tours.

The other favourite is our private cooking lesson which we do for dinner, something no one else seem to offer. Of course we went from here to eating at some of the best restaurants in Seminyak run by world class chefs. As I say, we love to mix it up. Ten days may seem plenty but everyone leaves my tour wanting to return as we have merely touched the surface of what Bali has to offer. The biggest compliment was our team. We’ve been together for six, nearly seven years so we’re family and apparently that was obvious! 🌸

I get all fuzzy in the stomach when I look back at the last couple of years and the experiences I’ve been able to share with some amazing ladies and they’ve all returned with a renewed outlook on life and has helped some realise their worth and have changed lives for the better. I say a job well done. I love Bali and my treasured team. I can’t wait to introduce new places and attractions on my up coming tours in 2019. I love my job, and this is coming straight from my heart.