While we have a need for the media and the good they do for keeping us up to date with the latest news, travel warnings and natural disasters, making the world seem a lot smaller, the thing that worries me is the negative effect they also can have on businesses and tourism, this not only slows my business down, what about the consequences of the tourist industry in general, the airlines, hotels, hotel staff, taxi drivers, hospitality industry all innocent businesses that are in the direct line of fire, every time the media publicise a negative comment. Sadly, it’s not just a story but they now seem to sensationalise it to such a degree, that people are very scared and a lot are too frightened to travel at all. It’s a very big world out there.

Are you like me and think what will be will be? I’m afraid most people don’t think like this and I feel we should stop feeding the medias thirst, it’s up to us for them to print fact, not rubbish to sell a story. You see every time they headline a disaster such as the recent volcano in Bali, the effect it has on them and tourism is catastrophic. I was there, there was no need for breathing apparatus, I was with asthmatic children that had NO problem with the ash and were only effected by the air conditioning. The ash cloud effected planes coming in and out of Bali, but was a safety precaution and nowhere near where the tourists were. They even had some of the people at my hotel petrified of the impending earthquake and tsunami they were expecting. Like what and why do they do this over and over again. Yes it could happen, but most likely not. People power can stop this. WE in the travel business need your help!!! There are more nice people still in this world today and yes natural disasters happen, but how often has it affected you?