Wow, after a back to back tour, I thought I would have been ready for home, but instead, I wanted another one. We had such a fabulous time.

I love how you can bring total strangers together and they all get on so well, that they form friendships and keep in touch when they return home. That is another reason for loving what I do.

One had lost her husband so this was a huge step forward for her, another had never travelled with other females before, little lone ones she had never met, she had a ball and wants to do it again, then one just booked off our website travelled on her own, has now booked the 10 x day tour next year, which I have promised if you are a repeat customer, we do different things, visit new spots and eat at different restaurants, unless they ask to go back there.

I love how females stick together and the mother in them comes out in a small group, they end up friends.

My job done.

Until next time,


Suz x