What makes a good holiday for you?…is it lying by the beach all day, daily cocktails around the pool, having fun with a bunch of friends, shopping for gifts, homewares and fashion, pampering sessions, daily yoga or maybe more adventure like white water rafting, quad biking or cycling that makes your holiday so great? Bali has all of this.

They even have the most amazing golf courses. There are so many wonderful things to do for all age groups. For anyone who hasn’t been to Bali before they may have the wrong idea of who it caters for, as I think most people imagine it’s just full of young out of control drunk kids looking for trouble or have heard of someone that had been there ten years ago and said they were constantly harassed by people on the street selling watches, sunglasses, cigarettes and sarongs. Well they still sell these things, but only in markets and now have five star shopping centres with the latest designer brands, best restaurants run by award winning chefs and expats who reside in Bali. They have fabulous sites to visit and awesome places to stay, five star villas to top hotel chains or the cheaper homestays.

Bali shouldn’t be seen as a cheap holiday destination as it once was, we have helped drive the prices up with our higher expectations. But this is a great thing as it’s so close to home we are lucky enough that we can come here regularly and have that well deserved break.

At Safe Travel Tours we have spent many months putting together our tours, we come here very often to keep everything up to date, as Bali changes very quickly these days along with our tastes. We decided to specialise in women only tours as there as so many options for us to try and it’s a great opportunity to get together with some girlfriends, relatives or if you are single we can tee you up with other like-minded women who like doing the same things as you. I also wanted to make sure that you feel safe which is why I have a driver and tour guide. You need to read our testimonials from previous travellers as they have written them from their heart. We love Bali and want you to love it too.

Yoga in Bali

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