Do you like flying?

In my younger days I found flying exciting, but as I approached my thirties I started suffering with bad anxiety about flying, it gave me an upset stomach and I felt as if I was nearly passing out… I’d just dread it and sit watching a movie. I couldn’t tell you what the movie was about, I’d sit there for the entire flight thinking bad things and just wanting it to be over, like please let this end!! It was becoming such a problem that it was limiting my passion for travel and how far I would go. I tried sleeping tablets, alcohol, nothing worked – I knew I had to get over this or I would not be going anywhere, unless it was on a cruise which didn’t really appeal to my husband and I back then.

I started to change my attitude and kept asking myself what was I afraid of? – It turns out I couldn’t answer that, then thought, well let’s start by looking at what I liked about flying. Once I answered this I found my whole body and mindset reacted differently and the anxiety and upset stomach gradually got better, I could watch a movie and actually enjoy it – and I could tell you what it was about!

I surprised myself SO much going from hating flying to absolutely loving it, and looking forward to it – it now represented adventure and travel again. From the moment I arrive at the airport, I checked in, I have a coffee, a bite to eat, purchase a couple of magazines to catch up on the trashy celeb gossip to keep myself entertained – it’s a routine, but one I enjoy. I look through the list of movies, work out how many I can watch, sit back wait for the cart to come around so I can order a wine. I always have my diary or note pad on hand so I can write down things that come to mind as I start thinking calmly. Always takes a couple of days to wind down!! So why waste any ideas, I like to get them off my chest. It’s especially great to do this on my way back from Bali, so I don’t forget any inspiration or little memorable things that I may use at a later date to make my tours even better.

I love to reminisce, always think of happy things that have happened and at the end of the day, I believe when your time is up – it’s up! It could be from old age and a boring life, or from something more exciting. Either way it’s a risk worth taking and less riskier than people think – so stop stressing about the what if’s, what will be will be, remember Que SeráSerá? “Whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see… what will be will be!”  OMG, I am getting old!  Quoting from the past, but how true is the saying.

How do you feel about flying? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

The point of this blog is to let you know that even if you are a nervous flyer – we understand, we’ve had the jitters of flying and overcome our issues to make it interesting and exciting again, but we understand how nervous it can be – especially travelling alone, so we also offer guided flights to Bali from Australia. We fly over for each tour, so if possible we can always arrange to be on the same flight to make the experience a little easier for our lovely tour goers, we want you to have a great time from the second you leave your front door, to the minute you get home.

Speak to me about your concerns at the time of booking or enquiry and see how we can help. We can’t wait to meet you!

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