Well only three more sleeps on the countdown to the bliss sisters tour – when I team up with Libby Weston for our ‘Surthriver Retreat.’

It’s actually a test as Libby hasn’t been to Bali for 20+ years and we are going to show her our tour as she wants to work in conjunction with us to run retreats in Bali. We are about fun, fun, fun!!! We’re mature ladies and Libby is a breast cancer survivor so she’s all about living life fully alive!!! (her motto!) We’ve known each other a while now and she loves what Safe Travel Tours are about, as a yoga instructor she wants to incorporate this as well as a visit to Five Elements which is a Vegan resort, not that we are vegan, but it looks amazing and will see if a visit here is one to include on our tours. 

We will be going live on Facebook from Bali, we have a few new places to explore as it is always changing.  We are so excited to get her to step out of her comfort zone and do a few things she wouldn’t normally do, such as Quad Biking and the new Bali Swing. Need to check our insurance policy!!

We’re all about balance. I can’t wait for her reaction to living life in the village, where we will cycle to the laundry, buy fresh coconuts from our housekeepers sons stall and paying local prices.

All of the beautiful things to try, we can’t wait to show them all to you. Join us on our next tour soon ladies!

Be in touch soon.