I have to stop and ask myself what country I’m in when going to Bali around Christmas time? I’m in a Hindu, Muslim country that have more decorations up in their airport and hotels, staff wearing Santa hats more than we do here in Australia. Bali has a large Christian Catholic community, but Balinese being the gorgeous people they are, just embrace it as it’s a happy occasion and they love being part of a celebration, that is why tourism is so big and very important and why Aussies love going there as well as the fact it’s only a quick five to six-hour flight. What a shame we listen so intently to the media and not always go and experience another culture for fear of the unknown and the bad things publicised about something that is so different to ours.

Even local television stations will broadcast Christmas music concerts, why are we so scared of offending other religious groups? Where have we gone wrong? Balinese aren’t scared to help celebrate Christmas, instead they embrace it. Please come on one of my tours so I can introduce you to my beautiful family. I promise you won’t regret it, you’ll come away feeling cleansed by their innocence and wonderful smiles, you see they still have respect of for their family and the older generation, they listen to their advice as they feel they’ve been there they would know best. We can learn from them, I know my grandkids come back with a different attitude, after a visit to Bali, it’s refreshing and grounding. Come with me and visit their village and you too will change your opinion of Bali if it’s not already a positive one.