I’ve been going to a fabulous dentist Dr Harry in Denpasar for the last seven years, it was my female dentist in Sanur who had recommended him for root canal therapy as she didn’t do this procedure. Sadly, she passed away that same year, I think that’s why she told us to go there knowing how sick she was and obviously didn’t want us to know.

We went, and I was very impressed! So far, I have had all my silver fillings replaced with white ones. The whole lot cost me around $200.00 aud. My husband has had a new crown as the one he had done in Australia for $4,000 which we got $400 back from medical insurance, well it fell out, he always complained that it was uncomfortable and the one Dr Harry put in has been fantastic.

I’ve had numerous fillings and taken the grandchildren there as it is like going to a dentist from home, all the modern equipment and cleanliness of their rooms, they have all the latest equipment all wear masks and give us goggles to wear during the procedure, he shows it all on his computer, I couldn’t be happier.

I’m about to have a bridge put in when I come in August. I’ll get a quote and keep you posted. I had one in the other side that was done in Australia and until I lost the tooth on opposite side I hadn’t been able to chew there!!!

My friend needs veneers and was quoted $2,000 at home and in Bali (RP 600,000) it will cost her just $600 AUD!

The only scary thing about this place is the dodgy street it’s in. You’ll be wondering where are you taking me? When you go, but we have had great experiences there and we always go back.

If you would like his details, speak to us when you book one of my tours, I can organise a quote for you and see how long you will need, bear in mind that this is a quote and price may change when you see him.

As we are a small group, we are also flexible, so you may want to come a day earlier or need to stay a couple of days after the tour has finished to have your work done, I can think of worse places to recover!

I look forward to any comments you have, or if you have your own tips and recommendations for dentists in Bali?!

Disclaimer: I’m not allowed to recommend places for legal reasons, but I can let you know of some great finds I have used and love. It’s up to you try them and Safe Travel Tours and its associates can not be held legally responsible for anything you choose to do based on our thoughts.