Tour Blog: What a fabulous night we had at our villa last night. We were teaching my housekeepers son (Ady who is 18, but looks 10) to speak English and they were trying to teach us their ‘bahasa’ or language, what a laugh! Lucky for body language…and maybe I did cheat a couple of times when we really couldn’t work it out, so I used translator. It was like playing charades.

The thing is and what I love about Bali, is it’s just so grounding. Sitting around the dining room table after dinner, started with mother and son deciding to have a napkin competition. Their innocence, they are so happy, they laugh about everything which for us is probably such a small thing, not to them as they don’t have all the toys that we have, they have to make up their own fun, just like we did as kids, remember?

I’m glad I can provide the entertainment, such as not looking at the picture on the packet of hand liquid soap, or so I thought… I poured it into the container thinking but it was floor cleaner. Then buying paper towels instead of toilet paper, just the simplest of things that make them laugh. My house keeper told everyone, she was hysterical, I think the whole village knows now. That’s what they are like, not laughing at you, about what silly things we all do. Doesn’t it make you feel alive when you laugh, I mean real belly laugh! When was the last time you did this?

I always leave Bali wanting more and I’ve been coming here for a very long time.


This is why I have created the type of tour I have, I wanted to be different to everyone else. I wanted you to experience the Bali that I have been so lucky to have, to capture the true essence, by staying in the village of Carangsari, there is so much natural beauty here. I’ve tried to include a little of everything from nature to shopping, much pampering and some beautiful sights and a bit of culture.

I’m so passionate about my tours as I think you will appreciate when you get me talking about Bali. All I hope for is that I can share my passion with you and you come home with a new outlook on life, no matter what or where you are. They have hopes and dreams too.

They have inspired me,
I hope I can inspire you too……