My April tour was just One solo traveller! Usually I have a minimum of two people, but we were recommended to her, so didn’t want to disappoint.

Well she thought she was a princess and has never had an entire tour centred around what she wanted to do and it being all about her. She enjoyed lots of pampering, as did I.

There are many perks in being a tour leader and out of 10 days, I think there was only one day that she didn’t have a foot massage or something, and we ate somewhere fabulous instead.

We do lots different things on our 10 x day tour including 3 x days at Sanur, which is a very sleepy town on the beach. If you have the time it’s better to do extra days as it’s showing you three very different parts of my favourite island. When you leave you feel wonderful so relaxed, nurtured and have a little more of an understanding why Bali is so special to me.

Until next time,

Suz x